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How come people always forget the “Splits” when they make Banana Splits?

I mean, come on. It’s right there in the title!

It is rumored that in May of 1865, Henry Spannuth handed out hard pretzels to his fellow troops to celebrate victory! They made their way to President Lincoln, who encouraged him to follow his dream.

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Kenny Seiders joined the Unique Pretzels family 16 years ago as a second-generation employee with previous experience in snack production. He started as a seasonal employee during the holidays and proved to be a hard-working and dedicated employee. Shortly after being hired full-time to work on the Pretzel production line, Kenny was promoted to shift supervisor.

Kenny is in charge of supervising the whole production line. He is the type of manager who works the line with his team. Kenny has helped implement significant changes over the last several weeks to protect workers and guarantee our pretzels are produced in a healthy and clean environment.

Thank you, Kenny, for all of your efforts that help us provide the great tasting snack our customers enjoy.

As a military veteran and the Director of Sales at Unique Pretzels, we want to congratulate Norm Cross for becoming a member of the Eastern PA/NJ Folds of Honor Chapter. He, along with Unique, are truly passionate about supporting our military and Norm has proven his dedication to the belief and benefit of the program with over 17 years of service. ...

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