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The holidays are just around the corner. Soon you will be searching for where to buy your holiday party snacks online. Why wait until the last minute when you can get some great snacks from Unique Pretzel Bakery? With 120 years of experience in the pretzel industry, you cannot go wrong with any of our 16 varieties.

While most people are accustomed to plain pretzels, there are additional options to consider when planning your next holiday party. Pretzels offer a desirable crunch and saltiness that many other snack options fail to provide.

When you order your holiday party snacks from Unique Pretzel Bakery, you have a wide world of flavor at your fingertips. Here are just a few customer favorites:

  • Multi-Grain “Splits” – Grains are good for us. If you’ve been searching for a multi-grain snack with great flavor and no added sugar, Unique Multi-Grain “Splits” are a great option. These all-natural pretzels have a full 7-grain flavor and pack a big crunch. Tasty on their own, they’re also wonderful when accompanied by our Mustard Dips.
  • Flavor-Shocked “Shells” – These tasty morsels are another variation of our “Unique” pretzels. We use our unique split-open baking process to remove the inside of the pretzel and create bite-size hollow pockets. What remains is the best part – the crunchy, tasty outside pretzel shell. They’re available in “original” as well as two highly addictive flavors.
  • Extra Dark “Splits”– If you like your pretzels “burnt,” the Unique Extra Dark Pretzel “Splits” are darker, bolder, and crunchier than most. Our unique baking process is what creates these tasty snacks with well-done shells and white, crunchy insides. You’ll never see us enhancing their flavor with added malts and sugars.
  • Sprouted Grain Pretzels – Our latest pretzel sensations are Sprouted “Splits” and Sprouted Shells, nutritious snacks that we bake with organic sprouted 100% whole grain flour made by Essential Eating® Sprouted Foods. Not only are they the only authentically sprouted flour pretzels in mass production, they are also the first pretzels to be made with healthier organic extra virgin olive oil. They are kosher, USDA Certified organic, vegan, sugar-free, lactose-free, vegan, high in fiber, diabetic-friendly, and they digest like vegetables!

Let’s Talk Whole Grains

Some nutritionists may convince you that pretzels are not healthy, but they overlook the important differences between products made from refined white flours and those made from healthy whole grains.

Whole grains in general, but especially sprouted whole grains, provide the body with many nutrients that are essential for good health and may also reduce the risk of some chronic diseases. Where do the nutrients come from? They are naturally present in the germ, endosperm and bran of 100% whole grains.

Unfortunately, the majority of the grains we consume today have been “refined” to remove the bran and germ to create a softer, finer texture and improve their shelf life. In the process, they lose most of their dietary fiber, iron, and many of their B vitamins. If you’re looking for nutrition-packed snacks, choose Unique’s sprouted grain pretzels that taste great and digest like a vegetable.

With holiday time rapidly approaching, it’s time to make decisions about where to buy your party snacks. Order online from Unique Pretzel Bakery and get delicious party snacks delivered to your door. Give it a try today!

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