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If you are looking for pretzel variety packs online, Unique Pretzel Bakery has exactly what you need! The Spannuth family has been baking pretzels since the late 1890s. Our family has six generations worth of experience right here in the Pretzel Capital of the World: Reading, PA. It’s where 80% of this country’s pretzels are made!

Pretzels are not a newfangled snack. They date all the way back to the 7th century with an Italian monk who was seeking to reward his students. While his original pretzels were soft and made from leftover dough, his students loved them. He shaped them with three holes that represented the Christian Trinity and crossed the dough to look like arms in prayer.

Pretzels became a huge staple in Europe and Southern Germany where they also became the emblem of the bakers there. They can still be seen on some of the crests outside bakeries in that area. Believe it or not, pretzels may have even come over to the Americas via the Mayflower!

Get Exactly What You Want

When you order the Ultimate Pretzel Variety Pack, you’ll get to choose 9 bags of your favorite Unique pretzels. They can be all the same type, or mix and match them as you like. For an additional cost, add up to 4 dips and up to 2 boxes of chocolate covered pretzels.  Choose from “Shocked Shells”  (Buffalo, Honey Mustard); Sprouted “Splits”, Sprouted Shells; Original Shells; Original “Splits”, Extra Dark “Splits”, Extra Salt “Splits”, Multi-Grain “Splits”, and Unsalted “Splits”.

All Unique pretzel varieties are also available in decorative gift tins and in gift baskets that are ideal for corporate or personal gift giving at any time of year.

Pretzels are Better than other Snacks

Americans spend over 20 million dollars a year on snacks. However, the majority of those snacks are just not good for us. Not so with Unique Pretzel Bakery’s selection of kosher, heart-healthy, trans-fat free pretzel variety packs.

Potato chips are an American favorite. Yet, few people understand how, with only three major ingredients (potatoes, salt and oil), they manage to pack a high-calorie punch. A small bag can contain 155 calories, 149 mg of sodium, and 10 g of fat, and there are no healthy grains in there either.

But, if you choose Sprouted “Splits” or Sprouted Shells, Unique Pretzel’s newest addition to the pretzel family, you will only consume 110 calories and 2 grams of fat (and that’s just from the extra virgin olive oil). The sodium is higher, 270 mg, but you are also getting 25 g of whole grains! The best part is that the sprouted whole grains are digested as vegetables rather than starch. That turns those simple sugars into energy instead of fat.

Sprouted “Splits” and Sprouted Shells offer other benefits as well. You’ll get 6% of your daily iron needs, and 4 g toward your daily fiber requirements. Also, these pretzels are trans-fat free, cholesterol free, sugar free, heart healthy, diabetic friendly, vegan, USDA Certified Organic, and delicious! Who needs a greasy chip anyway?

When you’re looking for a great pretzel variety pack online, look no further than Unique Pretzel Bakery. Try your favorite flavor or order one of each and try them all. Get some today!

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