Chocolate Covered Pretzels Delivery

When you think about chocolate, chances are you’re not thinking about a delivery of chocolate-covered pretzels. But our delicious blend of creamy chocolate and salted crunch will no doubt soon be calling your name! Sweet and salty. What could be better?

Pretzels are an American staple, though they did not originate here. An Italian monk is credited with the first pretzel. He wanted to reward his students for memorizing their prayers (and needed to do something with his excess bread dough). So, he stretched the dough and folded it to look like arms in prayer with three holes to represent the Christian Trinity. The first pretzels were soft, but they were a treat nonetheless.

Move into the late 1800’s and you’ll find the establishment of Unique Pretzel Bakery in Reading, PA, the pretzel capital of the world. We’ve been baking delicious pretzels for over 120 years and through six generations.

We are the original bakers of the famous split-open pretzel, called Unique “Splits”, the only one of their kind. This delightful crunchy pretzel was accidentally invented in the early 1950s after the dough was left to set too long and the pretzels split during baking.

Today, we bake 16 delicious varieties of pretzels that are available from our website and in stores along the East Coast, including Wegmans, Fresh Market, Whole Foods and Giant stores. They include:

Milk Chocolate “Splits” and Dark Chocolate “Splits” – Who can pass up the wonderful culinary combination of bread, the saltiness of a hard pretzel shell, and the sweetness of chocolate?! Unique Pretzel Bakery covers our original “Splits” in the finest chocolate available to create a sweet and creamy surface with a crunchy and salty inside. You’ll want to keep extras on hand to satisfy your chocolate cravings!

The Value in the Sprout

Because Unique Pretzel knows pretzels, we’ve also introduced an industry first: Sprouted “Splits” and Sprouted Shells. We use organic sprouted 100% whole grain flour developed by Essential Eating Sprouted Foods. This unique line puts Unique Pretzels in a few “only” categories in the pretzel industry, including:

  • The only Sprouted Flour pretzel available in mass production
  • The only 100 percent whole grain Sprouted Flour pretzel
  • The only pretzel made with olive oil (instead of canola oil)
  • The only pretzel that naturally provides 4 grams of fiber in every serving

Sprouted grain pretzels from Unique Pretzel Bakery are kosher certified, cholesterol free, sugar free, trans-fat free, high in fiber, and just plain good for you. They work for diabetics needing wholesome snacks. They make great party treats and are healthy additions to your kids’ lunch boxes.

More Delicious Options

We bake our “Splits” in Multi-Grain, Extra Dark, Extra Salt and Unsalted varieties. Multi-Grain “Splits” have a delicious deep 7-grain flavor, and Extra Dark “Splits” get their nicely burned exteriors from our baking process instead of adding the flavor with malts or sugars like others do.

Unique Pretzel Shells are another variation of a “Unique” pretzel. We use our split-open baking process to remove the inside of the pretzel and create bite-size hollow pockets. What’s left is the tasty outside pretzel shell with all of the crunch and no filling.

Whether you’re hoping to bite into some delicious chocolate covered pretzels, or looking for heart-healthy snack options, we have what you want and offer delivery! Order pretzels online today.

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