Healthy Kosher Snacks

The most widely recognized kosher certification agency in the world, the Orthodox Union (OU), certifies Unique Pretzel Bakery’s healthy kosher snacks. In case you didn’t know, kosher designation is achieved by following a specific set of Biblical rules in food preparation and selection.

The packaging for Unique Pretzel Bakery’s products will display the OU label which is easily visible as a U inside a circle (or an O). You may also see a D following the symbol. This certifies that the products are kosher certified and have either utilized or come in contact with kosher dairy products or machinery.

K’s found inside a circle and Ks inside star shapes are some of the symbols used as kosher guarantees. But different kosher certification agencies use different symbols. In fact, there are hundreds and they cannot be placed on packaging without permission from the accrediting organization.

Kosher is Covered; What about Healthy?

Knowing that you are feeding your family kosher snacks is a relief, but ensuring that you keep them healthy is even better. That is one of the great things about Unique Pretzels’ Sprouted “Splits” and Sprouted Shells.

The use of 100% whole wheat sprouted flour has allowed Unique Pretzel Bakery to create a pretzel that is unlike any other in the industry. Additionally, it gives consumers access to a snack that is both kosher and healthy.

In the stage between sprouting and developing into plants, whole grains are called “sprouted grains.” Starch molecules in the grain are naturally converted to simple sugars (which we easily digest as vegetables) and the nutrients are preserved. By retaining the fiber of the whole grain, there is potential for decreased risks of diverticulitis, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

This revolutionary new sprouted flour gives Unique Pretzel Bakery the ability to deliver pretzels that are delicious, diabetic friendly, kosher, vegan and USDA Organic certified. And the health benefits don’t stop there! Our Unique Sprouted “Splits” and Sprouted Shells are cholesterol-free, lactose-free, sugar-free, trans fat-free, and contain only non-GMO ingredients.

Why Choose Unique Pretzels?

Unique Pretzel Bakery is a family owned bakery that is 120 years strong and six generations deep. Having achieved our fame due to a highly guarded family recipe for the original split open pretzel, we have since created 16 different delicious pretzel varieties. The majority of these products are kosher certified.

The Unique Pretzel legacy began in Reading, PA in the 1800s. We created our famous split open pretzels by allowing the raw pretzel to rest until reaching utter perfection. Once that pinnacle has been reached, we bake them. While in the oven, the pretzels burst open, bubble, and create delectably crunchy crevices. This unique baking method is also used for our industry leading, stand-out, Sprouted “Splits.”

People seeking healthy kosher snacks will love the crunchy goodness in Unique’s good-for-you snacks. Get some today at one of these fantastic stores: Wegmans, Whole Foods, Fresh Market, or any Giant store. Of course, you could always order them online, too. Go ahead, you know you want some!

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