Kosher Treats

Not all snacks are created equal and not all pretzels make good kosher treats. However, you can quickly determine if a pretzel, or other snack, is kosher by looking for identifying markings on the packaging. The majority of Unique Pretzel Bakery’s products display the Orthodox Union (OU) seal of approval.

While pretzels are generally made from yeast, salt, flour, and water, which are of no concern to kosher consumers, it is important to ensure that there are no additional flavors, shortenings or dough conditioners among the ingredients.

Unique Pretzels’ Sprouted “Splits” and Sprouted Shells are kosher certified. Look for the letter U inside a circle (or the letter O). These symbols, also known as hekhshers, guarantee that the high standards instituted by the most widely recognized kosher certification agency in the world, the OU, have been followed.

Pretzel History

Unique Pretzels has been baking pretzels for six generations, but pretzel bakers have an even longer history. Soft pretzels originated in AD 610 and are thought to have been created by an Italian monk for his catechism students.

Hard pretzels did not come on the scene until the late 1600s. The story is that an apprentice baker fell asleep and overbaked his pretzels. But, since they turned out to be delicious, the baking process fostered a new industry. Then, in 1861, Julius Sturgis opened Pennsylvania’s first pretzel bakery and Unique Pretzel Bakery opened in the 1890s.

Roughly 80% of America’s pretzels are still made in Pennsylvania. In 1935, the first pretzel making machine was introduced to bakers. Prior to that, the average pretzel maker could twist 40 every minute by hand. The new machine increased production to 245 a minute, which equates to 5 tons a day!

Philadelphia natives eat 12 pounds of pretzels per person each year. That’s six times the national average of 2 pounds per person each year. And one final bit of interesting trivia, the phrase “tying the knot” is attributed to the Swiss who use pretzels in their wedding ceremonies. Bride and groom break pretzels like other cultures break wishbones or glasses.

The Value in Sprouted Pretzels

Unique Pretzel Bakery goes the extra mile to produce healthy and kosher snacks for customers. Utilizing 100% whole grain sprouted flour, we are creating a pretzel that is unlike any other in the industry.

These pretzels aren’t just kosher; they are vegan, diabetic friendly, cholesterol free, saturated fat free and GMO free. Additionally, the Sprouted “Splits” have just four ingredients, one of which is organic extra virgin olive oil which has been recommended by the National Diabetic Association as a healthier alternative to other oils that include saturated fats.

Incorporating whole grain sprouted pretzels into your healthy kosher diet is a great idea. Sprouted whole grains are more readily digested and metabolized because the body treats them as vegetables. This makes them break down into simple sugars for energy rather than as starch to be stored as fat.

You can find these delicious kosher treats at stores throughout the East Coast. If you’re looking for healthy snacks, Unique Pretzels’ Sprouted “Splits” and Sprouted Shells are a delicious choice. You will find them at Whole Foods, Fresh Market, Giant and Wegmans. Or, get some online today.


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