No Salt Pretzels

It’s true that pretzels are normally a salty snack option, but they can be delicious without the added salt as well! Just because you need to cut back on your salt intake doesn’t mean you need to eat bland snacks! Whether you need a no salt added or a low salt option, Unique Pretzels has you covered.

Unique Pretzel Bakery has been creating amazing pretzels as a family since the late 1800s. We are headquartered in Reading, PA, and our six generations of pretzel makers adhere to a secret family recipe for baking our one-of-a-kind pretzels.

Our biggest claim to fame is our Unique “Splits,” pretzels that split open as they’re baked—producing a satisfying crunch! We also have Unique Shells, which are small hollow pretzel pockets. We took out the pretzel filling so you only have the thin, crunchy outer shell left to enjoy.

Low Salt & No Salt Options

Although we need salt in our diets to maintain a balance of the fluids in our bodies, too much sodium can do serious damage. Excess salt is associated with water retention and dehydration, but many people avoid salt because of problems with their blood pressure.

Our Unsalted “Splits” are a great option for those who are trying to cut back on their salt intake. The unique recipe that we use for our pretzels has tons of added flavor baked in, so the salt really isn’t necessary. You have likely had other pretzels that just aren’t a great snack without the salt, but Unique Pretzels are—unique! We use only natural flavors and unbleached wheat flour, which adds extra depth to every bite.

If you still need a little salt in your life, you might want to try one of the low salt options from our Sprouted Pretzel family. Sprouted Pretzels are one-of-a-kind as well—they are the only pretzel in the industry to be made with 100% whole grain sprouted flour. In fact, they are the only mass-produced pretzel with Sprouted whole grain flour. The grains have germinated or “Sprouted,” so your body digests them like a vegetable. It’s one of the healthiest pretzel snacks available!

We have both Sprouted “Splits” and Sprouted Shells. The flour is organic and vegan, and makes our pretzels taste great while providing you with a great source of whole grains. We even use organic extra virgin olive oil in the baking process instead of a less expensive and unhealthy vegetable oil!

Another healthy option is our Multi-Grain “Splits.” While they do not have less salt than our other traditional varieties, they do have a deeper 7-grain flavor without any added sugar. They are among the very few pretzels available that have no sugar or extra flavoring added during the baking process. Our unique baking process adds enough flavor to keep your mouth watering.

Unique Pretzels is nestled in the heart of pretzel country in Pennsylvania. We have been in the business for over 100 years—we know pretzels! Try any of our Unique Pretzel varieties, and you won’t be disappointed. Order online or head to your local supermarket and check the snack aisle.

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