Pretzel Flavors

With thousands of snacks to choose from, it’s hard to know which ones are best. Unique Pretzel Bakery offers a variety of pretzel flavors and styles that are healthy, nutritious, and sure to please everyone in your family.

The Spannuth family has been baking pretzels since the late 1800s – for six generations and counting – following in the footsteps of our ancestor, William P. “Bill” Spannuth. He was responsible for creating the original split-open pretzel, the perfect pretzel that bursts open during baking, creating bubbles and crevices that deliver a serious crunch.

Unique Pretzel Bakery in Reading, PA, was established in the heart of Pennsylvania’s pretzel country in 1925.  Our tasty, crunchy pretzels are made from a treasured, secret family recipe and are more than just pretzel-shaped crackers. They are all-natural, trans-fat free, cholesterol free, and contain no sugars, no malts, no artificial flavors or colors, and no preservatives.

When you are looking for healthy snacks, Unique Pretzels fit the bill. They’re a great way to add beneficial fiber to your diet, and our newest Sprouted Grain Pretzels will help you reap the benefits of nutritious whole grains.

Here are just a few of our customers’ favorites:

Extra Dark “Splits”– If you like your pretzels “burnt,” the Unique Extra Dark Pretzel “Splits” are darker, bolder, and crunchier than most. Our unique baking process is what creates these tasty snacks with well-done shells and white, crunchy insides. You’ll never see us enhancing their flavor with added malts and sugars.

Sprouted Grain Pretzels – Unique’s latest pretzel sensations are Sprouted “Splits” and Sprouted Shells, nutritious snacks that we bake with organic sprouted 100% whole grain flour made by Essential Eating® Sprouted Foods. Not only are they the only authentically sprouted flour pretzels in mass production, they are also the first pretzels to be made with healthier organic extra virgin olive oil. They are kosher, USDA Certified organic, vegan, sugar-free, lactose-free, vegan, high in fiber, diabetic-friendly, and they digest like vegetables!

Multi-Grain “Splits” – If you’ve been hunting for a multi-grain snack with great flavor and no added sugar, Unique Multi-Grain “Splits” are a great option. These all-natural pretzels have a full 7-grain flavor and pack a big crunch. Tasty on their own, they’re also wonderful when accompanied by our Mustard Dips.

Flavor-Shocked Shells – These tasty morsels are another variation of our “Unique” pretzels. We use our unique split-open baking process to remove the inside of the pretzel and create bite-size hollow pockets. What remains is the best part – the crunchy, tasty outside pretzel shell. They’re available in “original” as well as two highly addictive flavors:

  • Buffalo – If you love the vinegar-y heat of real buffalo wings, you’ll love our buffalo seasoning. The only thing missing is the celery sticks and ranch dressing.
  • Honey Mustard – These crunchy morsels combine the flavor of tangy mustard and the irresistible sweetness of honey – perfect harmony.

Snacks are important in any balanced diet, and Unique Pretzels offers these flavors and more! Shop for them online or find them at your favorite market.

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