Pretzel Manufacturers

Pretzels are actually one of the oldest snack foods in existence. They appeared on the scene as early as the seventh century! Today, there are over 300 million pounds of pretzels or pretzel products produced every year, and pretzel manufacturers frequently sprout up around the United States.

Unique Pretzels began creating our own version of pretzels in the late 1800s. Our famous “split” pretzels are the only pretzels of their kind in the industry. Unique Pretzels is in the heart of pretzel country in Reading, Pennsylvania. There are many pretzel bakers in this area, but Unique Pretzels stands out because of our “unique” take on the traditional pretzel.

As more people realize that pretzels are a healthier option than chips or candies because they are a fat free snack, pretzels have become very popular.

The Story Behind our “Splits”

If you look at our pretzels, you will notice that they have a lot more grooves, crevasses, and airy pockets when compared to the “average” pretzel. This is because our unique pretzel recipe actually forces the pretzel to “split” during the baking process.

We thought this was a mistake when it happened the first time over 100 years ago, but we tried the final product and it was delicious. The splitting process gives our pretzels an extra crunch that other manufacturers cannot replicate. Try our Original “Splits” for yourself!

We also use a natural baking process, so each pretzel turns out slightly differently than the last. So, not only is our recipe and process unique—each individual pretzel is too!

Sprouted Line of Pretzels

Another “split” that we offer is our Sprouted “Splits.” These pretzels are unique because they use “sprouted” wheat flour. Our “sprouted” wheat flour comes from Essential Eating, and it is absolutely amazing.

The whole grains have already germinated, which means that they have converted into a “living” food, much like a vegetable. In fact, the body processes germinated wheat flour (and our Sprouted line), as if it was a vegetable. It is easy to digest and actually good for you!

This unique line puts Unique Pretzels in a few “only” categories in the pretzel industry, including:

  • The only Sprouted Flour pretzel available in mass production
  • The only 100 percent whole grain Sprouted Flour pretzel
  • The only pretzel made with olive oil (instead of canola oil)
  • The only pretzel that naturally provides 4 grams of fiber in every serving

There are absolutely no additives in our sprouted line. It is just a healthy, all-natural snack that you and your family will love.

We also offer Sprouted Shells, which are thicker, but we take out the filling in the center to create an amazingly crunchy snack that is packed with flavor.

At Unique Pretzels, we pride ourselves on being, well, unique! We are one of the few pretzel manufacturers that offer healthier options without adding unnecessary ingredients and sugar. Look for our products at your local grocery stores. You can also visit our online store or contact us for more information.

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