Pretzel Variety Pack Delivery

Pretzels are an American favorite. In fact, the average American will eat 2 pounds of pretzels this year. But, what if there was a pretzel variety pack available for delivery? We might actually eat more! Good thing Unique Pretzel Bakery has just what you’re looking for.

While regular pretzels are certainly enjoyable, Unique Pretzels understands that sometimes you just want to step out of the box and try something, well, Unique! We have been making incredible pretzels for 120 years. And, with six generations to back up the tradition, our secret family recipe is still in full swing.

We are the originators of the famous “split open” pretzel, called Unique “Splits”. Our process allows the pretzels to reach optimum flavor potential before meeting the oven’s heat. While inside, the pretzel is allowed to erupt into a delicious compilation of bubbles and crevices that pack intense crunch. This is the way pretzels are supposed to taste!

Yet, sometimes there’s a hankering for something more, like chocolate, or bacon. Not to worry, Unique Pretzels has what you are craving. Our pretzels will send your taste buds into overdrive.  Consider some of these yummy options:

  • Flavor Shocked Shells: The Unique Pretzel “shell” design allows for all of the crunch without the soft interior. Add flavors and you will be shocked for certain! There are several options: honey mustard and buffalo. This is a flavor explosion you’ll come back for again and again.
  • Extra Dark “Splits”: Slightly burnt on the outside, these offer a whole new level of flavor. The baking process is a little different but we never add sugars or malts.
  • Sprouted “Splits”: These are the newest addition to the Unique Pretzel line-up. They offer pretzel goodness with extra healthy benefits. They are made with a revolutionary new 100% whole grain sprouted flour from Essential Eating Sprouted Foods. This creates a tasty pretzel that digests like a vegetable instead of a starch!

If you can’t decide, ordering a variety pack is a great way to sample some of our delicious pretzel varieties.

Pretzels are Great!

While we might be a bit biased, given our lengthy time in the industry, the Unique family believes pretzels are great. But, you don’t have to take our word for it, just look at the history of pretzels. There is a distinct possibility that they were actually the first snack food.

Historians believe that the first soft pretzel was created by an Italian monk as a treat for his students. He wanted to reward them for memorizing their prayers (and he needed to make use of excess dough). So, he rolled the dough out into long ropes and then shaped them like praying arms with three holes to represent the Christian Trinity. That was all the way back in the 7th  century!

Twelve centuries later, a baking apprentice fell asleep while his batch of pretzels was in the oven. The pretzels got over-baked and this started the tradition of crunchy pretzels. So many centuries later, and pretzels are still an extremely popular snack food!

Knowing pretzel history isn’t quite as good as ordering a pretzel variety pack delivery online today. Check out the 16 different varieties we have available. You know you want to try them all!

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