Pretzel Variety Pack

At Unique Pretzels, we understand that not everyone wants “regular” pretzels. That is why we try so hard to set ourselves apart in the pretzel industry. Not only is our “original” pretzel unique, but we also offer a wide variety of flavors and recipes to fit your individual preferences. We also offer the option of trying several of our products at once with a pretzel variety pack. Try something unique—Unique Pretzels.

Unique Pretzels started making pretzels over 120 years ago. We are settled in the heart of pretzel country in Reading, PA, but we provide pretzels throughout the United States. Our business has been family-owned for six generations, and we take great pride in our pretzels. Our special baking process not only makes all of our pretzels unique compared to others in the industry, it also makes each individual pretzel slightly different—we are “unique” in virtually every respect!

Finding the Right Flavor or Variety for You

We offer so many different types of pretzels that it’s difficult to choose just one. With the option to create your own variety pack, you don’t have to! We have pre-made variety packs and a few that you can choose each piece. If you find something you want to try, add it to the variety pack!

With our Ultimate Variety Pack, for example, you can choose up to nine different pretzel items, four dips, and two chocolate boxes. This would make an awesome gift for the snack-lover in your life, or you can keep it for yourself so you can try many of our different pretzel options. Some of these options include:

  • Flavor Shocked Shells. If you want a pretzel with a little more flavor and a whole lot of crunch, look no further than our Flavor Shocked “Shells.” Our “Shells” are unique as it is, but adding flavors makes them extra irresistible. Our flavors include Buffalo and Honey Mustard..
  • Extra Dark “Splits.” These splits provide a completely different take on flavor. This bold pretzel is actually a touch burnt on the outside while still having a white inside that is crunchy and delicious. Our baking process changes only slightly to create this deep, dark taste, and we never add any extra sugars or malts.
  • Multi-Grain “Splits.” If you are looking for a slightly healthier option, you might want to try our Multi-Grain “Splits”. These little pretzels are packed with multi-grain flavor in every bite. Get 7-grain flavor with an added crunch!
  • Sprouted “Splits.” Ordering a variety pack is a great way to get your favorites and try the newest member of the Unique Pretzel team—our Sprouted Grain “Splits” and Shells! These healthy snacks are made with “sprouted” flour to create a delicious pretzel that your body actually digests as a vegetable—talk about unique!

If you want something with a little more presentation, you might try our gift baskets. We offer both large and small versions, and they come with a little something for everyone—from our traditional “Splits” to our chocolate covered versions (and a few dips!). They are already gift-wrapped and look great.

It’s hard to pick just one flavor of our amazing Unique pretzels to enjoy. Instead, order a pretzel variety pack from our online store!

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