Pretzels for the Holidays

For many families, the holidays are filled with family, good cheer, presents, and food—lots and lots of food. It seems like no matter which holiday you’re celebrating, there is always a large table filled with family and food. Why not try something a little different this year and bring pretzels for the holidays!

Unique Pretzels is headquartered in Reading, PA, but we sell our pretzels throughout the United States. We have come a long way since our family-owned business got its start in the late 1800s. Even though we are bigger and better, our traditional roots are intact.

We make pretzels with all natural ingredients, never using additives, sugars, or malts. The majority of our pretzel varieties still have the same ingredients today as they did over 120 years ago.

This tasty, crunchy snack is made from a secret family recipe and is more than just another pretzel-shaped cracker. Our unique baking process creates the perfect pretzel that bursts open during baking, creating bubbles and crevices that deliver a serious crunch.

Incorporate Unique Pretzels into Your Holiday Traditions

Unique Pretzels urges you to be unique! Break away from traditional holiday goodies and bring something that tastes great and is actually good for you. Use this guide to incorporate pretzels into your holiday season.

Valentine’s Day

If you are trying to be romantic, our Buffalo Flavor Shocked Shells, while delicious, may not be your best option. However, we have a few snack suggestions that would be a better fit. You might like our decorative tins, one of which includes a heart-pattern. Our Hearts of Gold Tin includes 24 Chocolate Coated “Splits.” They probably aren’t quite as sweet as your sweetheart, but may get close!


We also have tins that fit the winter and Christmas seasons very well. They are offered with chocolate “Splits”, with our Flavor Shocked “Shells”, and with our new line of Sprouted grain pretzels. You can choose from tins that feature classic winter scenes, snowflakes, snowmen, and more. They make great gifts and are an easy way to make your holiday treats more festive.

Big Flavor for Big Game Snacking

Some would consider huge sporting events holidays, and pretzels are the perfect snack for the big game. Add in a few of our Mustard Dips, and you have an easy appetizer that took little or no effort to prepare. Mixing a few of our classic flavors into one bowl is also an easy snack.


You may not realize it, but Halloween is a great time for snacking. With Halloween parties and trick-or-treaters, there is always a lot of food. Use our pretzels in snack bags for treats or order our smaller bags to hand out to kids. Parents will appreciate the healthy food option, and the little monsters will like them too!

Pretzels for Any Occasion

You don’t need a holiday to enjoy pretzels. They’re the perfect snack for the whole year. Whether you need a quick snack for lunch or want to send them to friends, family or coworkers for the holidays, Unique Pretzels provides unique snacks for any occasion! Order online or find Unique Pretzels at your local grocery store.

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