Pretzels Nutrition

When you’re in the mood for pretzels that are packed with flavor and healthy nutrition, take a look at the all-natural quality-baked goodness of those from Unique Pretzel Bakery!

For six generations and counting, the Spannuth family has been baking some of the healthiest and best-tasting pretzels in Reading, PA, the heart of America’s pretzel industry.

Our most famous brand is Unique Pretzels “Splits”, a split-open pretzel which was accidentally invented in the early 1950s after the dough was left to set too long and the pretzels split during baking.

What makes these pretzels so nutritious? Unique “Splits” and Original “Shells” are:

  • Cholesterol free
  • Trans fat free
  • Sugar free
  • Preservative free
  • Artificial color/flavor free

Unique Pretzel Bakery makes our crunchy and delicious “Splits” and “Shells” from a secret family recipe that has only five ingredients: unbleached wheat flour, canola oil, salt, yeast and soda. They’re slow-baked in an all-natural process that sets them apart from other pretzels. Each 1-ounce serving also contains just 110 calories, 2 grams of fat, 1 gram of dietary fiber, and 3 grams of protein!

If you’re comparing your snack options, consider that, ounce for ounce, most brands of potato chips are higher in calories (160) and fat (10 grams). Tortilla chips are also higher in calories (140) and fat (7 grams).

Although both types of chips typically contain less sodium than pretzels, you can always opt for Unique Unsalted “Splits”. They’re equally delicious, even without the salt!

Another difference is that potato chips and tortilla chips are made from vegetable flours (potato or corn), which means that our bodies metabolize them as vegetables rather than as starch. Which bring us to …

Unique Sprouted Grain Pretzels

A new alternative to Unique’s traditional pretzels are the only 100% whole grain sprouted flour pretzels in the industry. We make them with a revolutionary new sprouted flour from Essential Eating® Sprouted Foods. Why is it revolutionary? Because the body digests this flour like a vegetable instead of like a starch. Proper grain sprouting breaks down the starches into simple sugars, which the body can use for energy instead of storing them as fat.

Unique Sprouted “Splits” and Sprouted Shells are the only pretzels on the market to naturally provide 4 grams of dietary fiber per serving and the only pretzels made with organic extra virgin olive oil.

Our Sprouted Grain Pretzels are low in fat and calories, sugar-free, trans fat-free, saturated fat-free, lactose-free, and nutrient rich. They are also USDA Certified organic, kosher, vegan, diabetic-friendly, heart-healthy, and designed to help you add more wholesome whole grains to your diet. Could a snack get any healthier?!

Pick up Unique pretzels, whether traditional or sprouted, when you’re looking for a healthy snack, and get one that’s packed with good nutrition! They’ll satisfy the cravings of anyone who wants to eat better. Order them from our online store or look for them at your local supermarket.


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