Salt Free Pretzels

The human body actually needs only about one-fourth of a teaspoon of salt per day. The average person, however, eats about 20 times that! That means the average American is eating roughly five (or more) teaspoons of salt each day. Choosing salt free pretzels for a snack can help you reduce the sodium in your diet.

Unique Pretzels understands that sodium intake is a big issue for some of our customers. That is why we focus on creating a pretzel that tastes great, even without the added salt. We have been creating pretzels for over 100 years, so we know what it takes to make a pretzel that is not only full of flavor, but also good for you! Our Pennsylvania-based company uses a unique baking process and recipe to give our pretzels an added crunch that you’ll love.

Cutting Back on Salt Intake

One of the best ways to cut down on sodium is to avoid adding extra salt to your meal—and your snacks! Check labels for reduced salt options, and to see just how “low sodium” some products truly are.

For home cooking, you should remove the saltshaker from your dining table and start getting creative with other seasonings like garlic, pepper, and rosemary. Keep in mind that home-cooked meals usually have less salt than boxed meals or foods from a can.

Unsalted “Splits”

All-natural may be the way to go and should apply to your snacking as well. Our Unsalted “Splits” are a great way to get your pretzel fix without all of the sodium, and our traditional recipe is so good, you’ll barely miss the extra salt. The Unsalted “Splits” have just 7 percent of your total daily salt intake in each serving.

We make our “Splits” with all natural ingredients—there are no sugars, artificial flavors, trans fat, or preservatives, just all natural goodness in every bite-size piece. 

Sprouted Varieties

Another natural option is our Sprouted “Splits” and Sprouted Shells.  This line has a bit more salt, but is made with a special wheat flour that actually digests like you are eating a vegetable. This is because the flour has “sprouted” or germinated before we use it in our pretzel recipe and is one of the easiest foods to digest. Unique Pretzels offers the only 100 percent whole grain sprouted flour pretzel on the market today—and we make them with organic extra virgin olive oil!

Sprouted “Shells” are similar to our “Splits” except that we have removed the center of these bite-sized pieces to create a snack that packs a lot of crunch. Like the Sprouted “Splits,” the “Shells” are cholesterol free, lactose free, sugar free, and trans fat free. They are also high in fiber and heart healthy—AND they still have less sodium that our original recipe.

Even though you may be cutting back on sodium, you still have several pretzel options! Find Unique Pretzels in your local supermarket. You can also order online and have Unique Pretzels delivered right to your door.

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