Sprouted Wheat Benefits in Diabetes

Diabetes can be a challenge to endure but there are some tremendous benefits to be found in sprouted wheat. And, there are even delicious snacks made from 100% sprouted whole grain flour. Unique Pretzels has created a first in the industry – Sprouted “Splits” and Sprouted Shells.

Pretzels have been around since AD 610, though they were in soft form first. Although Unique Pretzel Bakery is slightly younger, we’ve been baking pretzels for about 120 years. Originating in the pretzel capital of Reading, PA, our six generations of pretzel bakers have created 16 pretzel masterpieces. And the best part is, they’re good for you!

So why are sprouted wheat pretzels an excellent snack choice for those suffering from diabetes? Well, they are: vegan, sugar free, lactose free, low in fat, high in fiber and kosher.

But what is sprouted wheat?

Great question!

Whole grains are just that, whole. They are simply seeds that have not yet sprouted (germinated).  They are covered by a protective outer layer called the bran. When subjected to the right temperatures and moisture conditions, the bran cracks open and a new plant begins to form.  At this stage, they are known as “sprouted grains.”

The new sprout fuels its growth by digesting some of the starch in the grain, converting the starch molecules to simple sugars. Simple sugars are vegetables, and vegetables are the easiest foods to digest. And vegetables are far more diabetic friendly than starch!

The top 5 benefits of sprouted whole grain flour are:

  1. Better digestibility – The body can digest sprouted grains easily because sprouting has broken down the starches into simple sugars. These can be used for energy instead of being stored as fat (as starches are).
  2. More nutrients –Sprouting grains increases antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamins B2, B5 and B6, and carotene, and neutralizes phytic acid which hinders the body’s absorption of nutrients during digestion.
  3. A living food – Sprouting returns the whole grain to its plant state, which can be digested by the body with the help of vegetable enzymes instead of pancreatic enzymes.
  4. Better taste – Sprouting removes the bitterness usually associated with whole grain. This means it’s not necessary to add sweeteners to improve the flavor.
  5. Longer shelf life – When grain is sprouted, dried and milled under measured conditions, it maintains its freshness much longer than un-sprouted flour.

Why Pretzels?

The average American eats two pounds of pretzels a year. And, we spend $21 million dollars on snacks yearly. Why not choose a snack that is delicious, diabetic friendly and healthy overall?

Unique Pretzel Bakery has capitalized on the nation’s love of crunch. In the 1800s, we created a unique (thus the name) method of making pretzels. Our most famous brand is Unique Pretzels “Splits”, a split-open pretzel which was accidentally invented in the early 1950s after the dough was left to set too long and the pretzels split during baking.

Recently we decided to take it a step further with our Sprouted “Splits” and Sprouted Shells. These are the only ones in the industry utilizing 100% sprouted whole grain flour. They are non-GMO, cholesterol free, trans-fat free, certified organic, heart healthy and most importantly, diabetic friendly. These are the snacks you’ve been looking for.

Don’t wait any longer to enjoy the benefits of sprouted wheat for diabetes. You can get these delectable and healthy treats online or at one of these fine establishments: Wegmans, Whole Food, Fresh Market, or Giant stores. Try them; you’ll like them!

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